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If you’re looking for a bike that gives you a wide range of versatility and makes sense whether you’re riding in the city or off-road, you need to consider buying a gravel bike. A gravel bike is essentially a souped-up road bike. They blend the toughness, speed and rigidity of an all-out road bike with the versatility and capability factors of mountain bikes to provide an awesome riding experience for cyclists who don’t want to settle for one environment.


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Orro Terra C GRX800 RR5 Gravel Bike (2022) Review

Orro Terra C GRX800 RR5 Gravel Bike (2022) Review

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Gravel bikes are a relatively new addition to the cycling world. A cross between road bikes and mountain bikes they offer a wide range of versatility and make them ideal for the multi-discipline cyclist.

Gravel bikes sound weird, right? Blending the norm between all-out road and mountain bikes, they’re as comfortable on dirt roads as they are on smooth tarmac. I know, they sound pretty weird to me too. But when it’s time to leave the tarmac behind, no one will have a hard time staying with you (at least, that’s what I’ll tell myself because you know – ego). With their durable, rugged construction and stable, comfort-orientated geometry making them at home both on and off-road, your next bike could be a gravel bike.

Gravel bikes are built with a focus on versatility. This makes them the perfect bike for multi-discipline and chronic road cyclists.

If you’re looking for a bike that is suited to the wide range of challenging roads and trails available, then there are few better choices than a gravel bike. While they may not quite be as fast as other road-oriented bikes, they make up for it with added comfort and increased versatility, making them perfect whether you’re out on the road or off it.

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