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Get the cheapest kids bikes in the UK with Cycle Bargains. We have the biggest selection of cheap kids bikes, from your childs first bike to cheap kids mountain bikes.

If you’ve got a little one that you feel is ready to reach new heights by peddling their own bike then this is exactly where to look. From your child’s first bike to the mountain bike we have them all available with free delivery – Get the UK’s biggest range of cheap kids bikes online now!


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Schwinn Remix Kids Mountain Bike 20″

Schwinn Remix Kids Mountain Bike 20″

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Discount Kids Bikes

Discount Kids Bikes, we supply a large range of quality kids bikes at our lowest prices. Our collection includes everything from your first bike to mountain bikes for off-road fun. Our online store offers quick and easy shopping for kids bikes in the UK. Choose from childrens’ balance bikes, road bikes and many more, all at prices guaranteed to beat your local stores.

You’ve seen our discounted kids bikes and you’re wondering how we do it. We employ the same use of low-cost labour and cheap, machine-made parts that everyone else does. It’s true, but, here at Discount Kids Bikes you pay less. We have a big box store mentality – be big enough and the costs come down.

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