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Elite - Qubo Wireless Digital Elastogel Trainer (0121004)

Was £399.99, NOW £255.00 (36% OFF)

Added 10 June, 2018 from Ribble Cycles.

Product Description

Elite Qubo Wireless Digital Elastogel Trainer - An advanced wireless digital trainer that sets the standard for accuracy, function, style and ease of use - The two-way ANT-coded head unit allows full control of the trainer from the bars as well as displaying a wide range of data - LCD screen displays Speed, Distance, Heart rate, Cadence, Time and Wattage - Cutting edge new Qubo frame offers wider footprint with adjustable feet for improved stability and lower bike height for easier mounting - No need to calibrate roller pressure, the rider’s weight presses the tyre into the roller, meaning automatic adjustment and easy set-up - The Qubo frame also repositions the rear drive unit to allow use with fat-tyred 29ers - Advanced magnetic drive unit gives 16-levels and generates a wide range of resistances for all levels of rider and training program without generating high levels of noise or vibration - ElastoGel roller has improved tyre grip, lower noise and vibration - Power supply comes with multiple international adaptors, perfect for those on the move - Works with any ANT or ANT coded heart rate belt (not included) - Includes spare Q/R for those using Mavic or similar non-compatible Q/R skewers The power of electronics to control your training in every details Qubo digital is an ANT encoded, electronically-adjusted magnetic roller controllable by control unit and wireless management. Guaranteeing control and performance, it keeps every moment of your training monitored and follows you in your progress - Magnetic resistance unit with wireless electronic adjustment by cycle-computer - The head unit has a large display with 4 lines and 5 information fields for monitoring your ride During training, the ANT encoded cycle-computer allows you to display: - Speed - Power - Cadence - Heart-rate (works with ANT bands) - Distance - Time - Training heart-rate zones 3 training modes: - 16 levels - Constant power - Preset programmes (10) - Qubo frame for rapid initial set-up, roller pressure is set automatically by rider weight, no calibration required. - Thanks to the exclusive compass system, the frame moves to simulate the behaviour of the bicycle on the road - Fast fixing system: the bicycle can be clamped and released with a single action - Elastogel roller for less noise and better tyre grip *REGISTERED DESIGN

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