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Vittoria Zaffiro Pro Folding Clincher Road Tyre   Tyres

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Product Description

Aqua-flow Tread Aqua-Flow derives from car-tyre technology, introducing carefully shaped channels, or ‘sipes’, across the tyre’s tread, to drain water away and let the tyre grip the surface more effectively. Lightweight Nylon Casing Nylon is a robust and durable artificial fibre used by most manufacturers for utility tyre casings. Traditionally, it lacked the flexibility of the polycotton casings preferred by élite riders but was lighter in weight than polycotton threads. Now Vittoria has succeeded in engineering nylon yarn into their exclusive Nylon Plus 220 and 150 TPI weave, setting a new standard in each class of clincher tyres. Weight is cut by 10% over the previous best nylon casings, while road feel and rolling resistance approach closer to the top-performing polycotton open tubulars. Vittoria also offers casings in Nylon 120 TPI, Nylon 60 TPI, and Nylon 26 TPI, each equipping a family of tyres at its respective point on the price-performance scale, and all conferring the Vittoria characteristics of comfort, speed, and good handling.

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