Bike Discounts UK - Moon Arcturus Auto Pro Rear Light - 100 Lumen | Grey

Moon Arcturus Auto Pro Rear Light - 100 Lumen | Grey

ONLY £35.99

Available from Evans Cycles.

Product Description

The Moon Arcturus Auto Pro Rear Light is an attractive light that will fend off any rear approaching vehicles or other cyclists. The Arcturus offers fantastic output from a small and lightweight chassis. With 7 modes you are able to cycle through them all until you find the one that best suits the conditions you are riding in or the remaining battery life. Busting out a whopping 100 lumens, this is bright for a rear light. Combined with an integrated light sensor, the Arcturus is ideal for the daily commuter.Key Features 7 modes, including Day Flash mode for those commutes 100 lumen output, perfect for being seeing at anytime Water resistant (IPX 4), for all weather riding Light sensitive auto ON/OFF Automatic fully charged cut-off systemCustomer ReviewSeriously bright rear light for day or night ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ “Riding without a rear light is dim. What isn’t dim is this rear light.Attached to the bike by either elastic o-ring mount or a saddle mount, this light is held securely in a clip.There are numerous modes, three static of varying brightness’s, three flashing. The flashing modes vary in brightness and frequency, with one of them a double-flash for use in the day.I can see the reflection of this light in road signs over 100m behind me, making this a very powerful rear light. This may be slightly annoying for those motorists momentarily directly behind me, but in my mind that’s a good thing: People are annoying, I want to remind motorists that there’s a person on the other side of this light.”

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