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Ammaco Bikes is a brand that has been producing bicycles and tricycles for over 30 years. Cycle King & Hawk Cycles (Know as CKH) are one of TFS bike brands. They have over 100 years’ combined experience making bicycles, looking back through their records, they can see the links with the Ammaco name.

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Ammaco Arden Mountain Bike 21 Speed 19″

Ammaco Arden Mountain Bike 21 Speed 19″

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The brands under Ammaco are known for high quality bikes, with Cycles King & Hawk Cycles manufacturing them. They come in a variety of forms and sizes, making them suited for people of all ages. Ammaco is a bike brand that has been established for over 35 years, it is one of the UK's leading bicycles. Established in 1982 by the Chapman family. It was originally known as Ammaco (European) Cycle Co. Ltd, after changing ownership and names several times, it became Ammaco Bikes in 2011 under the Hawk Cycles group. They have distribution centers in Farnborough, Newcastle and Glasgow. The company manufactures various types of bicycles including mountain bikes, children's bikes and folding bikes. Look beyond the norm when choosing your next bike. Ammaco Bikes are an established British bike brand that have been around for over 30 years. Designed to suit a range of ages, from children to adults and older cyclists, these bikes will not disappoint. Whether you're commuting or just looking for fun, there is an Ammaco bike to suit you.
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